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Example and Template

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Aurora Wood

Name: Aurora Wood
Age: 12
District: 7
Type of Character: Citizen
Playby: Baliee Madison

Weaknesses: spears, weightlifting, archery, fire building, archery

Strengths: knives, axes, running, edible plants and animals, camouflage

Weapons: knives, axes

Fears: Fire, darkness, her brothers dead

Specialties: Axes, climbing

Brief Overview: She is built for running and climbing trees she doesn’t have the muscle mass that is needed to throw spears and doesn’t have the patience for archery. She is terrified of fire since in District 7 it is the most deadly natural disaster they get. Being only twelve years old she is still scared of the dark. Her comfort zone is with an axe in a tree but knife would work too.

Appearance: Aurora has jet black straight shoulder length hair. She has rich dark brown eyes. Her skin is pale and her cheeks a rosy pink. She is five foot two and weighs only one-hundred and ten pounds. Most of her weight is muscle.
Personality: Aurora is very sweet and kind to people that she is close with. She is also very independent and doesn’t like being told what to do. She also is very temperamental and has a nasty result when someone insults her or her family. She is fearless and a bit reckless. She can be rude and has little manners, she is the daughter of a Lumberjack.
Strategy: Make everyone underestimate her then use her abilities in the Arena. She wants to make as little allies as possible so she doesn’t feel as bad killing someone.
Star Quality: Sweet, innocent, kind and friendly
Token: Rabbit’s foot

Parents: Heather and Ford Wood
Siblings: Pier (10), Jonathan (11), River (19) Oak (20),
Other: Georgie (her pet rabbit)
Personal History: Aurora grew up with pretty much all boys accept her sister, River, who was a bit of a brat growing up. She had so much energy as a little kid it drove her parents up the walls. It was her oldest brother Oak who taught her how to swim and climb trees. When she was four she picked up one of her father’s axes and threw it logging it into the side of the house, instead of her parents being angry they were proud. Her father started bringing her into the woods while he went to work. When she was five she started to climb trees and cut off parts of the tree while the stronger lumberjacks would chop off the bottoms but until she chopped off the parts that would harm other trees or hit something else. By age eight she was one of the best climbers in District 7. By the time she was 10 she was rather well known for her climbing skills.
When she was nine there was a fire in her community which took the life of her older sister River along with fifty other people. Ever since Aurora has had an extreme fear of fire, she’d rather be freezing then anywhere close to a fire. She knows it is a silly fear but it doesn’t seem to want to go away.

Name/Alias: Admin/Jas/SolarEclipse
How did you locate us: I made the site (others: goggle, bing, yahoo, ask.com, another site please tell us what site)
Other Characters: None yet
Sample of Roleplay:
Aurora looked straight up the tree s as she climbed up. She was about to start cutting when she heard “Look Out!” She jumped to the other side of the tree barely missing getting knocked down by another tree. “Watch what you are doing idiots!” she yelled down at the other team of lumberjack. After that ordeal she went back to chopping at her tree so that the team in front of her wouldn’t nearly get killed like she almost had been.

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