The Restrictions On Characters

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The Restrictions On Characters

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:09 am

Pregnancy: Has to be approved by an Admin. There won't be any pregnancies under the age of 16. Pregnant 16 year olds will have to be approved by all admins. Twins and triplets are very controlled. Miscarriages can happen but will be very controlled too.

Tributes: You can have one character per District unless we are having an shortage in that District.

Marriage: Characters can get married at 16 but remember, their spouse can still be killed in the Hunger Games. Richer Districts typically have later marriages in life.

Arranged Marriages: Characters must marry by the age of 25 if they are not married by 25 they will be forced into an arranged marriage, this applies to all citizens. Panem made this law to increase population since it's extreme decline from the Rebellion.

Divorces: You can divorce but not go overboard with this.

Death of Parent Characters: The member who had the parents may make the child or another member if the member who had done the parent or parents agree it.

Orphans: Only so many will be allowed. In richer Districts they will be extremely low amount of orphan characters.


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