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Rachelle Shepard

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Rachelle Shepard

Name: Rachelle Shepard
Age: 13
District: 10
Type of Character: Tribute
Playby: Scarlett Johansson

Weaknesses: Spears, tridents and building shelter

Strengths: Herbs, crossbow, knifes and hiding

Weapons: Knifes, sickle, crossbow

Fears: Spiders

Specialties: Crossbow

Brief Overview: From a young age Rachelle had to learn to use a crossbow to protect the sheep from wolves and other wild creatures that often got into District 10. Traveling as much as she had through meadows, rock cliffs and riverbeds she quickly learned what was safe to eat and what was not and also what prints each animal made. She always carries around a hunting knife just in case something happens, she uses mostly for farm work though. Growing up on a farm she learned how to make it on her own, sometimes she would make huts out of stick and straw and sleep there on warm summer nights.

Appearance: Rachel stands at five feet one inches. She is ninety-five pounds giving a few pounds here and there demanding on how much food her family can manage. She has milky white skin that never seems to tan only turn into lobster red. She has wavy dirty blond hair that reaches just past her shoulders. She is rather lean due to all the farm work she has to do. She has a scare on her left arm when an injured sheep got her with a hoof. Her hands dry most of the time due to all the farm work. She is typically dirty since she is always working and she can only bath twice a week to converse water.
She wears overalls with a light blue plaid shirt under the overalls. She wears knee high sheep skin boats and a straw sunhat. To school she’ll wear either a jean dress or a blue plaid shirt with torn overused jeans. She typically wears moccasin shoes unless it’s cold out then she’ll wear moccasin boots.
Personality: Rachelle is very shy and sweet. She often charms the people she delivers chicken eggs, wool and milk too. She is a very happy child and is always smiling no matter what. She is a very hard worker despite her age, she has to be. Once she makes a friend she sticks to their side no matter what. She is very intelligent and isn’t afraid to use it.
Despite her sweet good nature she is rather cunning and sassy. She knows how to get what she needs to get and can haggle a great price for what she needs; she’ll use her sweet, innocent appearance and poor background to get better prices. She is too smart for her own good at times; it often gets her into trouble when she questions why things are. She’s also very stubborn and hates sympathy.
She is forced to be much older then she is so she can make sure her family survives week to week. She is also forced to push pass even broken bones to work and has to be courageous enough to fight off any wild creatures that happen to wonder into the district to protect the sheep. She hates having sheep die but isn’t afraid to put the out of their misery or kill any animal that attacks her.
Strategy: Rachelle plans on making a few allies but only until the final ten after that she will use her abilities she picked up working on the sheep farm to hide and to kill. She is going for an average score.
Star Quality: Rachelle will be appearing as sweet and innocent as possible.
Token: Rabbit’s foot

Parents: Edward Shepard and April Shepard
Siblings: Ray and Sonny Shepard (twin boys)
Other: Trigger (Mut dog)
Personal History: (paragraph format)

Name/Alias: Admin/Jas
How did you locate us: I started the site
Other Characters: I’m making them as you read this.
Sample of Roleplay:
Rachelle looked to the sky, it looked so beautiful with the sun high in sky with a cloudless baby blue sky. The soft baa of the sheep rocking her into sleep, under the summer sun Rachelle did nap. The sheep would be find Trigger and her father watching them. It wasn’t her day to watch the flock. She just had come with just for the fun of it. Dreams of a peaceful place where there was no crying and no one died.


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